People Are Funny

  Years ago there was a popular program called People Are Funny that told of humorous antics of people. But some people are funny (not HA HA) but odd. This time of years brings some of them out.

  Some object strenuously calling these days Christmas season and refuse to say "Marry Christmas" because they think it may convey belief that Dec. 25 is the Lord's birthday. Not so! They object to "holy" days.  They won't send Christmas cards but "happy holiday" cards. But what holiday? Do not they know the dictionary defines "holiday" as a holy day. It's not a holy day but a day off. Maybe they don't know. They object to Christmas season but wish you season's greetings. What season?

  Oh well. Gnat straining it a habit hard to break. (There goes Valentine's Day). In spite of such, let me wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I do it early because I might forget it. (April 1 suits many people!)