Perilous Times

  Peter spoke of how perilous times would come. And they have been coming ever since Peter said that. No generation has escaped perilous times. We are facing perilous times today. Just how perilous is emphasized when you realize that there is on the scene a possible President of our country who is a vicious racist, who lies about what he believes, who is opposed to our freedoms and system of government because he is a Marxist, and who seeks to impose more and more government power upon everybody to satisfy his agenda. His opponent in his party shares many of his anti-Christian, anti-America views.

  We are aware of how destructive the Nazi regime and its leader proved to be. We are facing just such a future in our country if such people as we are having put before us should ever gain power. Brush it off if you choose! But the way of Christianity is very much in danger by the ambitious politicians of our present day. To warn of it is to blaspheme according to some. But to warn of it is sensible because it is too evident that the forces of God-hating people are moving with power. Wake up!