Philip, the Evangelist

  Acts 21:8 calls Philip an evangelist. An evangelist is one who preaches the gospel for the purpose of converting those who are lost to leave their ways of sin and come to Christ for forgiveness. We first read of this man in Acts 6 where he was chosen along with six others to attend to the matter regarding the Grecian widows whose supply and needs seemed to have been neglected. Outstanding qualities were required of such men before they were appointed to that work.

  The first preaching of Philip of which we read is in Acts 8 when he took the gospel to Samaria preaching Christ and the kingdom. Later in that same chapter he was the man that preached Christ to the Ethiopian. As the chapter closes we read of him going elsewhere but he continued to do the work that justified him being called an evangelist. He preached in all the cities where he went. In Acts 21 he was continuing in Caesarea.

  We cannot know how many souls will enjoy heaven eternally because of the good work of this man. Had he not done as he did they may well have remained lost. What a glorious record he left for us to imitate.