Poor Ahab!

  Ahab called Elijah a troublemaker because Elijah told him his sin. Many people are still that way. They are like a thief caught in the act of stealing but blames  the one who caught him for his troubles.

  So often preachers are called troublemakers when they condemn sins being practiced. The critics never look at themselves. Rather they get angry and growl.

  Ahab should have grateful for Elijah who loved Israel. He loved even Ahab enough to tell him where he was sinful so he could repent. Elijah was the best friend Ahab had in all the country, but Ahab could not see it because he loved his iniquity.

  Always, without exception, when there is trouble, the one causing the trouble is the one in sin, not the one who teaches what God says about it. If Elijah was a troublemaker, we sure need more like him today.