Pride Goes Before a Fall

  Pride is at the root of much religious error. "Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall" (Prov. 16: 18). Stephen Decatur once said in a toast to his country, "My country, may she always be right. But my country, right or wrong." We might admire his patriotism, but can we admire his reasoning? Certainly not if we want to be right before God. Some have Decatur's attitude toward their religion. "My beliefs, may they always be right. But my beliefs, right or wrong."

  To admit being wrong offends the ego, hurts the pride, demands a spirit of humility that some dare not adopt. It might hurt their image with others or knock them off their self-erected pedestal. It may mean they would no longer be the "big name" among others.

  Rather than admit wrong and do right they cover-up their wrong in some inglorious manner, refuse to investigate, and as often as not, simply brush away with the wave of the hand anything or anybody that might suggest they are in error. They seal their doom.