Primary Concern

  Psalm 37: 1, "Fret not thy self because of evildoers..." Hard to do when servants of the devil seemed destined to take power in our country that was founded on Christian principles. Everyone has concern about the forthcoming election. The forces of evil from the left pose the worst threat to our nation and freedom from within this nation has ever experienced including the War Between the States. Most Americans don't seem to care.

  While this concerns me, my major concern is how some brethren will likely condemn their soul by joining forces with enemies of God to elevate them to power. True Christians don't support enemies of God. Servants of the devil will do it.

  It is sad that truth has no more appeal to Americans anymore than it once did. We shall pay dearly for our sinful folly. But how tragic that even some professed Christians will serve the devil by supporting lefties.