The Private Substitute Church

  When it is not convenient to meet with a local church it has become popular with some to have their private lakeside, motel room, on the bus, beside the road services. It is not because they could not meet with brethren of a local church. They just prefer to do it this way because it suits them.

  If it is right for one group to have their own "private church" then it is all right for any and every other group. If you can do it one Sunday you can do it every Sunday. Young people, camping groups, families, whoever, whenever, the command to assemble is forgotten. The local assembly is optional.

  God's government calls for a local congregation. By what authority do fun-seekers establish their own private church? To have no congregation available is one thing. To ignore its presence is another. Why not just have each family conduct their own service at home and sell the building? Would save lots of money.

  Some do anything they want to accommodate their pleasure. God's will seems to never take root.