Pro-Abortion Means Excommunication

  That is what the pope says to Catholic politicians. Of course, we do not expect any of them to pay any attention to that, and Catholic voters will ignore it. But on this the pope is right. We will see what happens.

  What saddens men is how some so-called "Christians" can and have given support the abortion promoters. They are obviously more dedicated to political parties than Christ. It may well be that in next presidential election we will have only those who promote abortion. The society has become that corrupt. Like most times, choices will be made between bad and worst.

  I cannot and will not ever give my support to anyone who so blatantly defies the will of God as to promote abortion and I care not to which degenerate political party he or she belongs. Christians face some difficult times when the majority of the population becomes as incorrigibly evil as seems to be the case in our society today. Some say, "God bless America." I am inclined to ask, "Why should He?"