Proof We Can Fall

  There are so many proofs we can fall. But it is certain that the possibility of being deceived is one of them. We mentioned yesterday that we can be misled, misguided, taken down the wrong road, all the while thinking we are secure. If we could not be deceived why did Paul warn against it?

  Eve was deceived. Jacob deceived and was deceived by others. Why do we think we are immune to such a thing? Is wrong just as worthy as right? Is sin just as noble as righteousness? Certainly not! But if we think so, we are deceived and will fall as a result. This is why we must "prove (put to the test, JWB) all things" (1 Th. 5:21).

  What are some of the areas where we can be spiritually deceived? We hope to consider some of them in the next few days.