Protection for Muslims?

  The arrogant insolence of  Muslims has certainly reached a new low. They have their festivals and celebrations like others and they should have the right do have them, except if they were in power nobody else could ever have their religious practices because Muslims do not believe in religious freedom for others but contend it is a paved path to heaven to kill "infidels" and anyone else that does not bow before Islamic barbaric law. But they demand protection for themselves during Ramadan, their feast, at the expense of those they would kill if they had the power.

  It is evident that many Americans are blind fools to the facts of reality. Give them a beer, a whore and a few dollars and they don't care. But these religious fanatics from Islam will enslave everybody unless they are stopped. Disagree if you want, but history, reality, truth, their own expressed intentions and behavior confirm what is said. Why deny it?