The Purpose of Proverbs

  The message the book of Proverbs brings is presented in the opening verses of chapter one. Proverbs are wise sayings expressing God-given truths sometimes by making comparisons and sometimes drawing contrasts. I have heard that Alexander Campbell had all his children to commit the book of Proverbs to memory. That would be quite an accomplishment.

  The exaltation of wisdom and knowledge rings throughout the book. Those who are truly wise will receive the wise sayings of God while those who think themselves so wise as to follow their own way shall be brought to destruction..

  Wisdom is personified as calling old and young to follow the way of God, avoid the foolishness of men, obey the instructions given and know the real joy of life. A thorough study of Proverbs cannot help but make each student a better person if we follow what we are taught. If would be a good study for any of us in the next few weeks.