Question For All of Us

  Moses was at the burning bush and giving excuses why he should not lead Israel from Egypt as God called him to do. Seeking assurance that God would be with him, God asked, "What is that in thine hand?" Moses held a rod that was commonly used by shepherds. It did not seem to be anything spectacular.

  But when Moses did what God told him to do with the rod it became quite important. It was an instrument used in the miraculous that Moses would use to convince his people that God would deliver them through him.

  A principle in this record stands out before us. That which may seem insignificant can be something very beneficial if we use it the way God would have it used. We all have something "in hand" that we could devote to the cause of Christ. Possibly it does not seem much to you, but when given in service to God it could mean salvation for others.

  Check your opportunities and possessions. Discover what is in your hand that can be used beneficially.