Questions We Must Answer

  We do not have to answer every question somebody may ask. But when God asks, that is an entirely different matter. When we stand before Him in judgment there are questions we must answer. How wise we are to consider them now so we can have the proper answer then.

  Did you hear the gospel? We must hear before we can react to it. Ignorance is no excuse and you probably have heard the gospel. You could read it in the Bible.

  Did you believe the gospel that Jesus is God's Son and the Savior of mankind? You cannot be saved without it.

  Did you repent of your sins? Jesus said those who do not repent shall perish.

  Did you confess you faith in Christ as commanded? Paul makes it plain this is unto salvation.

  Yes, and were you baptized for the remission of sins and into Christ? This is essential to salvation according to the Scriptures. Men may dismiss it, but God does not.

  Better you secure the correct answer now while you have time and opportunity. Tomorrow may be too late.