Quit Covering for Them

  Rehoboam is an example of a pathetic person. Having every advantage to succeed, he also had a tremendous handicap. His father, Solomon, supposedly the wisest of men, did not live according to his own teaching. When Rehoboam was faced with a decision whose advice to follow in ruling over the people, the folly of the young or the wisdom of the wise, he chose folly. Doubtless his pathetic self stemmed from the unfortunate example of his father before him. His choice destroyed the nation.

  Why do parents have to be urged to follow the will of the Lord for the sake of their children? All kinds of excuses are offered for the excessive parental failure we see in our society and its degrading influence on the young. Parents and others are always trying to cover their wrongs but going about it in the wrong way and being unwilling to face the truth.

  Most parental failure is because parents are irresponsible and selfish. So much so that they neglect their families. They seek their own will and desires rather than the Lord's and what is best for their children. Little wonder society is so corrupt. Quit covering for them in their neglect.