Quit Fantasizing

  One reason the devil has his way in America is because too many just keep imagining that atheists, humanists, liberals and such like are honest. HONESTY IS NOT A PART OF THEIR AGENDA. They have no standard that includes honesty. Whatever gets what they want is what they contend. Facts, truth, decency, morality, freedom, divinity, NOTHING means a thing to such creatures. They detest honesty. Why are people so gullible as to believe they are honest?

  Presently in our three-branch federal government one could not find enough honesty to fill a thimble. Liars, cheats, tyrants, self-serving profiteers dominate the scene. Justice and law mean nothing. I cannot think of one who actually supports the Constitution except by hypocritical oaths that they have no intention of obeying.

  History will tell you, if you will listen, that this kind of government must be terminated or doom and disaster await us and our descendants. How it will be overturned remains to be seen. That is must be is the only option.