Rare Moments

  There still are those rare moments when you read of the courts doing something just, or a politician actually telling the truth, or some theologian giving God credit for anything good. Mostly you find a great antagonism among certain elements of society when something good, right and decent is done. They hate anything that looks like righteousness. That is about the  low level of American society.

  Sometimes I actually read people's responses to "news" reports. By far the majority seems to side with the profane, corrupt, filthy, lewd, vulgar, etc. This accounts for the degenerate leadership of our nation. Depraved people are elected by depraved people. Some think this is extreme but they need to focus more on the Biblical message. They would soon see that a nation such as America has become has to reap what it has sown. AND IT ISN'T GOOD EVEN IF IT IS PROSPEROUS!