The Real Reason

  It is possible to list a number of reasons why our Lord was so hated by some many while He was here on earth. But surely one of the primary causes for this animosity was the Lord's hatred of sin and His love for righteousness, which is so often the very opposite attitude possessed by the very people He came to save. It has always seemed unreasonably strange how some people can so easily condemn others for condemning sin and never seem to get to bothered about the existence of sin itself. They are quick to lash out against those who condemn sin accusing them of judging. Well, that's right. They are judging and are supposed to judge. How else could we ever know the difference between right and wrong if we did not judge? But the standard of judgments is the Lord's.

  A big error many make is to forget that it is the Lord's judgments they are condemning; not judgments made by men on the basis of the thinking of men. When one condemns sin as God does, he is not doing wrong but is showing loyalty to the will of the Lord. How some hate to be shown that sin is in their lives! So they come to hate the Lord and hate those that teach what the Lord taught. Is that not a pitiable state of mind?