Rebuild New Orleans?

 Some will consider these remarks political because whenever the way of the Lord is shown to contradict what favorite politicians want they claim you are preaching politics. But we will leave that stupidity to those who love politics more than Christ. The last election proved they are out there, even in the church.

  The tragedies associated with Katrina cannot be ignored. The destruction is evident. But should we all have to pay to rebuild the casinos, brothels, bars and other dens of sins that characterize that city and the coastal region hit so hard? As filthy as New Orleans is now, some parts are cleaner than they have ever been because the places of immoral filth have been destroyed. Let it stay destroyed. Burn all that down.

  Homes, businesses, churches, libraries, schools all should be rebuilt because they serve humanity for good. But it angers me when two-bit vote-hunting politicians of either party want to spend billions raising again the hell-holes of that coastal area. How many millions will go into the pockets of politicians? The tragedy of Katrina has exposed, again, how low America is sinking morally.