Recognition of Our Need

  One or two of them really bristled when the preacher told them they were living in sin unless that came to Christ for forgiveness. They just were not about to let some preacher tell them they were in sin. But they forgot something. It was not the preacher who told them. It is the Lord. "All have sinned..." (Rom. 3:23). Salvation is "in Christ" (2 Tim. 2:10). The poor preacher, who so often gets the blame for making folks angry, was simply passing on to them what the Lord said. Was he doing his duty to do that or should he just "sweet-talk" them into thinking all is well when they are on their way to hell because they are in sin and refuse to come to Christ?

  We may be inclined to rush to our personal defense against the charge of sin, but keep in mind who wants you to know this. You may dislike whoever reminds you of this reality, but take your complaints to the source and see if He will change His mind and let you enter heaven carrying your load of transgressions with you. He might make you he exception.

  Why are some of us so dishonest that we simply will not, under any circumstances, face the truth about our accountability to God and do something about it that will make things right?