You may have heard it said that our salvation depends on an election by God, Satan and us. God votes for our salvation; Satan wants our condemnation; and we have the deciding vote. This is said to emphasize our personal responsibility in being saved.

  But what if Satan votes for our condemnation, and we have not done what God says we must do to be saved, and we are the only one of the three to vote that we enter heaven? We lose and our condemnation will be sure and just.

  But wait a minute! Maybe we can do like we do in this country. If you lose and election the thing to do is to "recount" the votes even if you have to keep finding some here and there until your candidate wins. That was tried and failed in 2000 in Florida, but it looks like it will succeed in the state of Minnesota. "Lost" votes kept popping up and they are mostly in  favor of the liberal. So much for fair elections! Do you suppose God would allow a "recount" in case we do not reach heaven?