Regarding Civil Authority

  Christians must obey civil authority and have respect for that authority even though those in authority are not worthy of respect. When civil authority causes one to violate the will of God we say with Peter, "We must obey God rather than men" (Acts 5: 29).

  When civil government ceases to do as God  ordained, protecting the innocent, punishing the criminal, exhibiting tyrannical despotic tactics against righteousness, then we can only pray that God will overturn such a government. He has done so in the past and will again.

  We have those tyrannical elements in our society and system today and their power is growing. Christians may be in for very difficult days in America. God has used the wicked to punish the wicked.  How he will rectify abuses in America remains to be seen.

  Government intended to benefit man can become an enemy to man. History is replete with such instances.