Remains the Same

  There doubtless may be an isolated exception here and there, but what has taken place regarding the role of the man and the confusion of women has caused more grief and havoc in the home and society than can be corrected in a short span, if ever. People who live so rebelliously against God may well have to experience utter destruction before things get more as they ought to be. Surely, that has been the case in many nations and kingdoms of which we read in history, including the Bible.

  While many men are too mixed up to be real men, and many women see his cowardly ways and his unwillingness to assume the male role, this does not impeach the rule and design of the Lord. Regardless of what society may or may not do, says or thinks, even what you may say, think or do, God's way remains the same regarding men and women and it is the best. If people be as wise as they claim they are they will listen to Him and give heed to the will of the Lord. (But with many that is unlikely to happen.)