Restore the Fallen

  There is probably not one member of the Lord's church who is not acquainted with someone who was once one of us but has fallen from the faith. Galatians 6:1 teaches us to restore the fallen. How many are trying to do that? You could try even if you did not succeed. The fallen brother is lost and it is our duty and privilege to attempt to reach him and bring him back. So many just let their brother languish in apostasy and never say or do anything to bring him back to his first love. Why is that?

  Who do you know that was once faithful but not anymore? Have you even contacted them? What have you said to them? Do you even plan to make the effort? Or are you content to let them be condemned and you ride merrily into heaven anyway? You may be very disappointed because you did not try to restore the fallen. You both may be rejected.

  You can do something about this today if only you would. Some soul could be in heaven that otherwise will not be unless to do your duty.