The Rock Quarry

  This story was told me by one of my teachers when I was in college. It is about a rock quarry in England where rocks had been quarried for many years until it became necessary to construct a catwalk across an elevated corner of the quarry. Workmen were required to push their wheelbarrows across narrow planks. On either side was a deep abyss and a slip of the foot would mean the workman would plunge to certain death. So the foreman warned the workmen, "Don't dare look down. Always keep your eyes on the place where you are going." Doing that would enable them to keep their balance and keep moving the right direction.

  There is a moral to that illustration for each of us as we strive to live life according to the teaching of our Savior and Lord. We can be so easily distracted if we are not careful and the result would be spiritual disaster. If we keep our eyes on the goal, and focused on the One who leads, we shall arrive at the destination that God has promised the faithful.