Romans Eight

  If the Bible was considered a beautiful ring, to my mind the book of Romans would be the diamond, and the eighth chapter the most brilliant point of the diamond. This chapter presents the blessings and glory of what it means to be a Christian.

  There are some very difficult passages in this chapter and it takes much study to come to understand them but I believe we can understand them. From start to finish it presents the benefit to man of the system of salvation God has provided through Jesus Christ.

  Romans is a marvelous doctrinal treatise explaining God's way of saving man. All need salvation and all can be saved. All are saved the same way. All who follow God's way enjoy the same blessings. Words are inadequate to present the fullness of God's blessings given to the Christian. But Romans eight is certainly one of the greatest chapters dealing with such things. I commend you to serious study of it.