Sacrificial Living

  Probably to most people sacrifice means depriving oneself, suffering loss, enduring some hardship, weathering an imposition, giving up something desirable, or maybe just doing a little more than expected. They look upon sacrifice in a totally negative way. But have we really learned true Christianity until we learn to sacrifice? Is not that the way of the Lord?

  Paul admonished Christians to present their bodies as a living sacrifice (Romans 12: 1). He said it was reasonable service. It is an essential part of putting Christ first and denying self.

  Those who give of themselves for the cause of Christ will find resources to accomplish more than they ever dreamed could be done. Sacrifice does not cost. It pays. It is an eternal benefit; an investment; not an expense. Whether we sacrifice time, money, position, if it is to promote Christianity, we have done good. Could it be we need to reevaluate sacrifice?