Sadly, It is not Surprising

  Christian people believe there is a difference between right and wrong, It sometimes seems that most people really don't care about that. They do whatever they think they can get away with doing. Headlines in the media sometime express shock over the scandals of celebrities, politicians, etc. but really it should not shock anybody. What else can you expect from people who have no moral standards beyond what suits them? This is of concern to Christians because it leads to the destruction of the nation.

  Almost daily we read of another "investigation," most often a cover-up for some corruption by a high government official. The abuse of power and authority has become a way of life. Over and over the exposure of selfish motives highlights actions in government.

  And where does the responsibility lie? Of course, with the corrupt people. But also a corrupt society that has embraced humanism that keeps placing the low-life in power if those in power will keep handing out "goodies" for "free." We may not be able to tell where it will end, but we can be confident it will. Sin is a reproach to any people..