Same Rule

  Paul admonished the brethren at Philippi to "walk by the same rule" (3:16). We cannot miss the fact that there is a rule to follow even though some claim there is no law to obey. A rule is a law and we are to obey a law. That in no way dismisses grace, faith, love, etc. It simply means there are rules governing our conduct. Why is that so hard for some to see?

  Furthermore, they were not left to choose their own rule but the rule must be the Lord's rule. We cannot be found going different directions with each choosing his/her own rule. It must be the same rule and the right rule. Only in this way can we honor the Lord and be unified in His family as He teaches us to be. They were to take note (mark) those who so walk.

  He further noted that there were those who walked otherwise and they were called "enemies of the cross" (3:18).