Same Thing

  Some years ago when I preached a sermon on God's plan for saving man, citing what God had done and what man must do, bringing attention to the commandments given and showing the several examples of conversion, carefully documenting every point with a "thus saith the Lord." A lady who was member of a denomination was present. When she went by me as she left she commented in a tone of disgust, "You people are saying the same things you did 20 years ago."

  Obviously she meant it as a criticism, but she actually complimented us. Why change the gospel of Christ? Her church has changed its positions on many things through the years. But the plan of salvation today is the same as was revealed nearly 2,000 years ago. Thank God we are preaching the same thing, not only as we did 20 years ago but 2,000 years ago.

  Whenever we or anybody else attempt to change His doctrine we condemn ourselves to an eternal hell. What do you say?