Same Useless Tool

  There is an obstacle in the center of a field where I have to cut the grass. I have attempted to remove this obstacle with a certain tool that I have but it never works. I try and try but it fails every time. But whenever I see have the desire to remove this obstacle I go right back to that same useless tool that never works and just keep using it. Senseless? Yes!

  Now my neighbor had a similar problem and he got a tool that worked the first time. I have several friends who have done the same thing. Never has the tool failed to do the job that needed to be done. But I just keep going back and using my useless tool and never am able to get things going the way I want.

  The way I act you would think I am an evolutionist. The evolutionist has tried and tried with his theoretical philosophy to remove the Bible and God but he fails every time. But he doesn't quit. He keeps using the same useless tool of evolution that has never and can never do what he wants done. But will he use a tool, Creation, to explain things? NEVER. That way he would have to admit God exists and that means he would have to answer to God for his conduct and that would mean he could not "do his own thing" and that is what he wants to do. So he tries to deny God's existence by using the same useless tool of evolution but fails every time. Senseless? Yes!