Satan is Winning the USA

  Already I can hear some crying, "But there is so much good." Nobody denies that. That being true causes many to simply close their eyes to which way we are going. Atheists are allowed to trash God and destroy our heritage. Look at the people Americans are considering for office. Who can approve of the entertainment and educational systems that are vulgar, vile and vicious against every principle of God? We have no leaders in America who care for the nation but only themselves. That does not bode well for us.

  Somehow blind Americans seem to think we can defy God and all will be well. When did Congress repeal the law of sowing and reaping? Many parents, those who do not kill and abuse their children, neglect their duty and their children who become two-fold more a child of hell than their parents, if they can even know who they are. Yes, Satan is winning.