Saved With Knowledge

  The title suggests something God wants for us all. Paul wrote, "Who will have all men to be saved, and come unto the knowledge of the truth" (First Timothy 2:4). What can we conclude from this brief statement?

  (1) All need to be saved and can be saved.

  (2) God wants all men to be saved. This does not mean all will be saved but God wants them to be saved.

  (3) There is such a thing as truth. Sorry about that for you liberals who are always crying there is no truth. God says there is. We'll take Him.

  (4) We can know the truth. This is only one of many verses that teach we can know the truth. Again, this really rubs the liberal wrong because he doesn't want anybody to know anything for sure except that we can't know anything for sure.

  God has provided the way of salvation for man; man can know that way and can come that way. When he does, God is pleased.