Say It Is Not So

  We read of some denominations canceling services Sunday because of Christmas. We are amazed at such inconsistency and disregard of duty to God. We are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. But we can expect that from religious people who really do not care what the Bible teaches anyway. But what about ourselves?

  I do not know of any churches of Christ totally canceling services. Some may cancel Bible study, maybe Sunday night, maybe the whole day. I would not be surprised. But whether a congregation cancels worship for their holiday or not, I wonder if there might be many individuals who call themselves Christians and who claim to respect the Bible but will do the same thing denominations do. They will not attend worship tomorrow. Too busy with "fun and games" to give the Lord's Word and worship much attention.

  But some do this any time whenever they see fit. So why not tomorrow? No wonder "Christians" have so little influence on the world. Big TALK but small WALK.