Scandals Among Political Leaders

  It does not seem to matter which country you are considering you find their political leaders are immoral lying and corrupt self-seeking power-grabbing tyrants. Some just get more power than others. How many nations are embarrassed over the conduct of those in leadership? How embarrassed was the USA over Bill Clinton? What of all the people in Congress, governors, mayors, etc. that abuse the law and act like degenerate heathens? It seems not many care or such people would not be elected and re-elected. The immorality of the leaders reflects the low level of morality generally among the people of the nation. And that's sad!

  Now and then you discover someone who has assumed political office that actually acts like he has been exposed to moral teaching. They are a white spot on a black screen because they stand out. Who does not grow weary having the filth producers of TV continually parading these immoral goofs before the public? And we wonder why God is displeased with us!