Scripture Complements Scripture

  The serious and sincere Bible student knows he must take all that God says on a subject before he has the complete truth. Truth does not contradict itself but it does make completion. We have all learned to accept "the whole counsel of God' before drawing conclusions. Otherwise we can follow all manner of false doctrines with only partial truth.

  A case in point is WHEN the Holy Spirit came upon those at the home of Cornelius. Acts 15:8 says God gave them the Holy Spirit. Acts 10:44 says, "While Peter yet spake...". Acts 11:15 is more precise, "And as I began to speak..."  Now we have the full record. The Holy Spirit came upon these Gentiles when Peter BEGAN to speak (If they were baptized like the apostles on Pentecost Peter would have no need to speak to them. They would be inspired as the apostles. The coming of the Holy Spirit on Cornelius was by the same (like) manner but not the same measure and for a different purpose.) Just when that occurred is easily determined.