The SECT Spoken Against

  Some Baptist clergymen have lied about the church and misrepresented what we believe as long as I can remember. They have no concern for the truth on matters of which they speak so slanderously. It happened again.

  One Baptist named Tom Rukala spoke on CNN and exposed his prejudice, hated and ignorance about the church. Why Nancy Grace, host of the program, would not have a qualified member of the church of Christ to tell people about the church but some ignorant Baptist only shows why you cannot believe anything you hear on CNN about much of anything.

  So many denominationalists are so stunned they cannot find their church in the Bible and they hate those who can. God will hold them responsible for their lies and slander.

Rukala has been challenged to debate what he said. Don't hold your breath until he agrees. Such people usually cut, slash, rip, tear and RUN and HIDE.