Seem to be Just Alike

  Have you noticed the similarity, almost identity, of the denominational clergy and the politicians that want amnesty for lawless foreigners? Neither one has respect for the law. Both think entrance into the Lord's kingdom or the nation can be obtained whatever way they want rather than the way the law prescribes. Both seem to think if you ignore the law you can get whatever you want anyway. Both look with contempt upon those who still advocate obedience to the law as if that was something archaic and dirty.

  There may be other likenesses but surely you get the point. When people want what they want and do not care how they get it, they can become illegal aliens in nations or members of denominations in religion.

  One similarity we cannot overlook. Those in authority do not seem to be too concerned about the law either. They want what will fill their coffers and keep them in control. That's the way it is in the USA, religiously and otherwise.