Seldom Seen Anymore

  Some changes are welcome. There was a time when brethren entered the building between Bible Study and worship through a screen of smoke made by smokers who stood around the door inconsiderate of others and contaminating their bodies. Seldom is this the case anymore. Real progress has been made. Preachers have preached on the sinfulness of smoking, elders have asked brethren at least not to smoke around the building, and the addicted have generally quit the offensive behavior. GOOD!

  I recall preaching on this sin years ago before the medical community really got tough on smoking and how upset the puffers would get. But now you seldom see these poor people still smoking like they did. I guess the fear of physical damage did more than the will of God could do for them. Whatever! We can all be glad we do not have to smell like a cigarette while we worship like it used to be.