The title is probably an old word I just made up. My dictionary does not have it. We often hear "self-righteous" from the mouths of the wicked who like to belittle the righteousness of others. But should we not strive to as righteous as we can if we profess to be followers of Christ? That does not proclaim our righteousness but His. It just seems that those who prefer to live ungodly lives cannot stand the lives of those who try to be righteous because the lives of the righteous are rebukes to the wickedness of those who think they know how life should be lived better than God knows. These sinful people love darkness rather than the light of God.

  But is it not true that the unrighteous choose to live that way? It is a self-imposed handicap. That's what "self-unrighteous" might mean. When people lie, cheat, swear, curse, get drunk, commit fornication, etc. etc. it is because they choose to do so. And when somebody else does his best to live a life of goodness and purity the evil ones hate him with a passion.

  It has always been that way. But we should not be intimidated by such a vile reaction to the righteous way God wants us to live.