Shall We Remain Asleep?

  What will it take to wake the people of faith from their indifferent slumber? Everyday we read of how some atheist has gone to court and some deranged judge has denied believers their rights. Children are taken from religious people because somebody does not like their religion. Coaches are denied the right to even bow their heads in prayer with the team before a ball game. God has been expelled from education by the atheistic evolutionists who never, ever, have contributed one beneficial thing to humanity because of their philosophy. (Why bemoan mass killers at schools when God has been driven out?)

  Major political candidates ridicule religion, scoff at God, claim to be Christian while denouncing freedom, throwing a sop to Muslims who declare their intention of destroying us. On and on and on it goes while our leaders are so blind, selfish and degenerate they can't see anything.

  The Christian faith is not defended or advanced by carnal warfare. But we know history teaches that freedom was won by revolution, has been preserved by bullets rather than ballots, and who can tell but the preservation of freedom in America may require exactly that once again.