Sharp Contrast

  There are so many that hold the view that there are many churches and all of them are acceptable to God. In fact, because so many think this way many people have just decided it must be true. But we cannot accept that if we are going to follow the teaching of the Bible. Denominations do not exist by the authority of Christ and there is not a syllable of Scripture that condones the division which they propagate and upon which they feed.

  Who has the courage and integrity to inquire from Scripture and see what it teaches? It is not uncommon that those who says "one church" as does Scripture are branded as narrow minded, bigoted, self-righteous, hating others, and similar labels. But had you not rather be right with God than pleasing to others? Man did not say it. God did. "There is one body" and the body is the church. What is difficult to understand about that?