Short-Cut Religion

  There is a lesson on this website that goes into this subject in greater detail (Category 31; Number 111). Suffice it to say here that many seek this kind of religion. How they want the blessings of God, all right, but they want to receive them without meeting God's conditions. In fact, they substitute their own way for His and still expect God to provide for them whatever they want.

  Some really think being in a denomination is approved by God. NOT SO! Some think they can be saved like the thief (faith only). NOT SO!. Some think they can omit baptism and be saved. NOT SO! Some think partaking of the Lord's Supper monthly or quarterly is enough. NOT SO! And on go the innovations by men into God's plan.

  There is no area where "Christians" sometimes think they can take a short cut than the way they live and their faithfulness in worship. Now and then, do what you like, is good enough for some. But not to please God.

  You wonder sometimes why some people bother with the Bible at all even while they say they follow it. They ignore whatever does not fit what they want..