Signs Shall Follow

  Many are constantly looking for special "signs" from God. God gave the apostles miraculous powers that were to be signs that would confirm the message they preached (Mark 16:17). But once the Word was confirmed these signs ceased (1 Cor. 13; Heb. 2:3,4). Those who claim to perform miracles as signs today cannot, do not, will not do what was done by those who were truly empowered to perform signs. A notable gospel preacher of the past contended, "Where goes the claim must go the demonstration." The claims keep coming. The demonstrations never follow.

  Those to whom miraculous powers were given have died (apostles and those on whom they laid their hands). The purpose for them has been accomplished (the Word is confirmed). No additional truth will be revealed (Jude 3; Acts 20:27; Gal. 1:8,9). All this blabber about more and more signs ignores Scripture.