Sin Enters In

  The glory of man was dimmed from its original luster when man sinned. He became distasteful before God, unpleasant to His eyes, and unfit for association and fellowship with God. Such is the case with every person when they transgress the will of God. That is what sin is; transgression of God's will (1 John 3: 4).

  Each one is responsible before God for alienating himself from God. In sin, one is no longer pure and erect as he was when he entered this life. He becomes bent and stained with the hideousness of sin.

  But man can be forgiven because the same God whom is offended is merciful, gracious and loving in that He has provided a Savior, Jesus Christ, who died to pay the penalty for sin and who arose from the dead to offer eternal life. He will judge each one someday according to what each one has done regarding His Son. Quite a serious thought, isn't it?