Sin is Sin

  Sin is defined in First John 3: 4 as a transgression of God's law. Whether committed by one who has never come to Christ or by one who professes to be a Christian, violation of the will of God is sin. While we are aware that many, even some religious people, have abandoned the concept of sin, that changes nothing. Sin is still sin and condemns the sinner.

  We all are tempted to sin. Everywhere you go, look, what you hear, there is the devil working his weapon of temptation to cause sin. Just because one is a Christian he is not immune from temptation and sin.

  Actually there is no such things as a "little" sin and a "big" sin." Some sins may cause more immediate havoc than others, but sin is sin/ We need forgiveness.

  Christians respect God's law and try so hard to not sin. Some in the world do not care whether they sin or sin. But Christians do their best to not sin and when they do they seek God's forgiveness.