Sinning Against Brethren

  Paul spoke of sinning against brethren and wounding their weak conscience in First Corinthians 8:12. He noted how much more serious it is than we might think at the first because when we do that we sin against Christ.

  Joseph realized that committing fornication with the wife of Potiphar would be a sin against God (Gen. 39: 9). Reuben explained that what Joseph's brothers had done against him by selling him as a slave was sinning against Joseph (Gen. 42: 22).

  There are many ways we sin against each other. Paul was forsaken. It is wrong to set a bad example. Neglecting to make the attempt to restore the fallen. Failing to love but hating one another. Evil speaking is often heard. Failure to preach the whole counsel of God. These are some ways we sin against one another. But none should be allowed.

  Cain asked, "Am I my brother's keeper?" The answer is, "Yes." We should show we realize that.