So Fortunate

  Since I have a considerable amount of grass to cut during the summer months, I usually wear out a lawnmower in fairly quick time. I use them as long as I can then, rather than just throwing them away, I pile them up. Of course they do not look so good that way.

  But I needed a new one. They are so expensive. But good fortune came my way. One morning I went to cut grass and LO AND BEHOLD there was a new mower. Nobody bought it for me. I did not purchase it. How it got there nobody can really tell. But there is was, ready to go. It even had gasoline in the tank. But soon I figured it out.

  IT JUST HAPPENED. The old ones fell off the pile, I guess, and the parts spread and WHAMO! They just fell into place as a new mower? C'mon! Don't you believe that?

  But that is as believable as the "science" atheists tell us about the origin of the universe. Mine was about a mere lawnmower. Their story involves everything. And atheists say those who believe in God are irrational!