So Glad We Have It

  There are not words in my vocabulary, or even in our language, that could adequately express how grateful I am that God has revealed His will to us in what we respectfully call the Bible. We can read it with all confidence and certainty that here is one message upon which we can rely.

  You surely cannot rely on the news media for the truth. The textbooks are as full of errors as they are truth, especially regarding matters that transgress God's Word. You cannot accept what politicians says. These so-called "experts" in various fields constantly change their "proven" positions. Those who climb into pulpits will likely preach and teach most anything except "thus saith the Lord."

  We all make mistakes and there are those who are honestly trying to be right and do right. But even those are not to be our guides. Friend, trust the Lord and His Word. Be thankful we have it. Learn it. Believe it. Obey it.