So Much Can Be Learned There

  This refers to the accounts of the conversion of Cornelius (Acts 10 and 11). In it we see how the gospel is for all. There can be no conversion without the Word. We see the purpose of the coming of the Holy Spirit upon him and his household. Baptism is something commanded. On and on are the lessons to be gathered from this record. Everyone should spend some time studying that conversion. You can do that with Lesson 35; Category 8 on this website.

  But do not miss the fundamental and consistent truth how he was saved by the same process as the others whose conversion is found in Acts. He heard the Word, believed the Word, then obeyed the Word.

  The reason this was important to him was because of what Deity had done prior to the preaching Cornelius heard from Peter. Without God's grace, love and mercy, and the blood and resurrection of Christ, there would be no salvation for anybody.