So Reassuring

  Dear brethren, the good news to you and me, indeed to all mankind, is that the Word of God still accomplishes the same beneficial results for anyone who will come to Christ according to His teaching. The "word liveth and abideth forever, " Peter said (First Peter 1: 25). It is still God's power unto salvation (Romans 1: 16). It can change what we are at the present into what we can be and ought to be

  That being true, is it not strange how many resist allowing the influence of the gospel into their lives? Some are satisfied  in their sins and dismiss the wrath and justice of God as if He does not exist. Others are deceived into thinking good physical welfare means their spiritual welfare and will not consider Christ.

  But Christ is the answer for man. He is revealed in the unchanging Word. As the song asks, "Will you not hear it, today?" This is a good spiritual thought for today.